• About Us

    Trent Tinkler has been in the building industry for over 30 years. He started his company in 1997 and has a passion to bring excellence, quality of workmanship and detail to every project that he undertakes. Coming from a family of builders it was a natural progression for Trent to become a licensed residential builder.

    Throughout his career in the industry Trent realized his true passion was in the details and finishes. Having a love for the "Old World" techniques and finishes Trent began to implement surface texture both inside and outside his projects, marrying the charm and character of old world with the modern high tech homes of today.

    "The earth is a natural canvas from which all elements of a home can be inspired by." Trent Tinkler

    Debra Tinkler is also an important part of this dynamic duo. Not only is she an incredible asset to Trent in the interior design elements of the build but is also quite business savvy. Her background is in hospitality management, marketing, and money management. Debra's ability to communicate with clientele is exceptional and an important element in making sure their clients are happy, heard clearly and on budget.

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    • Excavation and Site Development.
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    • Project Management.
    Our Guarantee

    Through our after-sales service and warranty, we will conduct a detailed inspection with you that will ensure your home has been built according to plan and is ready for occupation. You will be provided with a owner's maintenance manual that outlines procedures and recommended maintenance scheduling as well as performance standards of structures, systems, fixtures and finishes. We stand behind the quality of our work and offer an outstanding warranty service program.

    Travelers Guarantee takes great pride in delivering home warranty coverage pursuant to the Homeownder Protection Act and Regulations. The comprehensive 2/5/10 Year Home Warranty Certificate provides new homeowners with security and peace of mind in one of the most significant purchases most people make in their lifetimes. The warranty provides important protection and coverage to new homeowners both before and after buying a new home.

    The 2/5/10 Home Warranty Coverage is as follows:

    2 Year Material and Labour Warranty

    Coverage for any defect in materials and labour supplied

    5 Year Building Envelope Warranty

    Coverage for the building envelope for defects of a new home.

    10 Year Structural Defects Warranty

    Coverage for structural defects for up to ten years.

    Note: For complete warranty coverage information, please refer to the 2/5/10 Year Home Warranty Certificate located at www.travelersguarantee.com

  • Giving Back

    At Okanagan Dream Builders we believe in giving back to the community that we love so much. These are a few of the charities we believe reach out to people and extend a much needed helping hand. When you choose Okanagan Dream Builders to build your home you partner with us in giving back to the community.

    Kelowna Women's Shelter


    Kelowna Food Bank


    Kelowna Boys and Girls Club


  • Our Testimonials
    "July 3, 2012 Dear Trent and Debra: We are writing this letter in praise and as a testimonial for other your potential clients to outline how happy we were with our major residential renovation in Kelowna in 2011. Our timeline was tight and you delivered on this in spades. We agreed to start design a drawing in late February and by early March the renovation was on, complete with working drawings. We had a deadline to move in on June 15th and we were able to get in on June 18th. In 3-1/2 months you performed a renovation that included interior and exterior of a 5500 sq. ft. house. That timeline was tremendously demanding and you delivered on an important concept to us � be on time. The other side of the coin in a renovation is the quality of the job and we were more than pleased with the quality of the construct. The design done by Nesbitt was very exacting from the material selection, fine architectural lines and new design concepts - you nailed all of them. All renovations have hidden issues and the need for flexibility to get things done while handing the problems. You were excellent at this and always made us aware of what was going on with any need for changes or adaptations due to latent issues with the original house. The great thing is that we have all the hidden issues fixed! We believe the way that Okanagan Dreambuilders succeed for clients is by having a core crew of tradespeople that you know and trust to get things done on time and correctly. Then, you engage very reputable sub-contractors and provide enough work for them that they are eager to please your group and get continuous work. Finally, you care very much about how the client is engaged and communicated to and you want the best renovation done for them because you know that being the best builder requires the best reputation. If you have any need of references or other testimonials for you clients, be sure to contact us. We have no hesitation to provide those. We have now lived in the house for one year since completion and we are enjoying all the features that were built in to our major renovation. It is like a new house and we are very proud to welcome all our friends in to our home. Yours truly, Courtney Shearer and Lori Van Rooijen "
    Courtney Shearer and Lori Van Rooijen, Renovation
    "John and I discovered Nesbitt homes the first time we came to Kelowna thirteen years ago. We found the homes incredibly attractive displaying a sense of pride in unique Architectural designs and styles. We checked out the various Nesbitt homes as they came on the market over the next ten years. Two years later as we were nearing the end phases of the pool construction we started to consider that the inside of the house would need upgrades to match the quality of the outside pool area. We called Paul Nesbitt who came over introduced himself, and made an appointment to bring Trent Tinkler of Okanagan Dream Builders to meet with us. The project started moving swiftly and Paul presented us with the first plans for the home renovation project. Nesbitt Originals and Okanagan Dream Builders were showing us what we wanted, exceptionally high standards, integrity and pride in their work project. Details, Details, Details! That is details 3-times over not to miss anything. This is where the fun really begins. It was time to meet Debra Tinkler of Okanagan Dream Builders. She went to work helping me narrow down my style and colour preferences, through hours of looking in magazines, viewing show homes and just imagining our dream home. Paul took this information and married it to our family lifestyle. John was busy working with Paul and Trent doing all the business and structural details of the building renovations; I would hardly see him some days. I was having fun looking at colours and patterns with Debra for the inside of the house. One of the reasons things went so smooth for us was that John worked his end and I worked my end, while Paul, Trent, and Debra bridged any gaps as they had such strong communication everyone was informed on all aspects of how the project was progressing. Debra and I would spend hours looking in local stores, flipping through magazines, and peering at web sites for the right kitchen handles and knobs, chandeliers, and other accessories. Debra and I would go out again and look through all the tiles, the flooring, and fixtures I liked. She would share the information with Paul and the next day she would bring us the best selections of my choices that Paul knew would enhance the project, so he could give us the home we desired. The rest was up to the Trent of Okanagan Dream Builders and the dream team to execute the vision. We then proceeded to set off for a world cruise , as we traveled and met folks, we told them we were on a seventy five day cruise because our home was in renovation. People would question how we could trust our home renovations to an architect and a contractor. We heard all their renovation horror stories. Our reply to them was always the same, We are confident in Nesbitt Originals and Okanagan Dream Builders, we trust them because they have exceptionally high standards and integrity. This year when we went cruising we had wonderful stories and photos of our completed dream home to share. Thanks to everyone that worked on our house to make it our Dream Home a reality. Linda and John Tocher "
    Linda Tocher, A Dream Renovation
    "Trent has gone above and beyond on the projects that he worked on for me, always leaving the client feeling great that he was on their site."
    Paul Nesbitt, Nesbitt Originals.
    "In my capacity as Project Manager for the complete renovation of our 20,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Kelowna. I worked closely with Okanagan Dream Builders and was impressed with the performance of this company. The Spider Agile Technology renovation was a challenging project and the Okanagan Dream Builder team was able to meet these challenges. Our project included extensive renovation to the exterior and interior of our manufacturing plant, as well as interior office space, a fitness centre, commercial kitchen and cafeteria facilities. We utilize our facilities to showcase our own manufactured products, which support 'sustainable modular interior construction'. Okanagan Dream Builders understand our approach and (from the beginning) able to demonstrate their extensive construction experience, meeting our expectations with competent tradesmen and their attention to detail. The Okanagan Dream Builder team was reliable, responsible, creative and good communicators. With solid leadership and positive attitudes, the team was able to deliver a quality project. Without hesitation, I would recommend Okanagan Dream Builders for similar challenging construction projects."
    John Woolmer, Facility Manager, Spider Agile Technologies.
    "The company exceeded our expectations by completing the project early with the highest of standards."
    Tobi McNeil, Title Title, Melcor Developments Ltd.
    "We are very happy with the quality of workmanship, everyone on the site got along great which made the project run smoothly."
    Dan Jmaeff
    "Trent and Debra, of Okanagan Dream Builders, are an harmonious combination of personable and professional. During the renovation of our home they were instrumental in helping us achieve and surpass our vision. With an attention to details and customer service far surpassing our expectations, we knew we could totally rely upon them to get the job done. Trust, integrity and vision combined with personable, professional and friendly are the concepts that come to mind. "
    J. Tocher
    "I have worked along side with Okanagan Dream builders for over 4 years in a variety of projects. They have an exceptional eye for detail, attentive to time lines with out sacrificing quality. They always strive to do the best, providing clients with great ideas and exception value. They also have a great relationship with trades, suppliers and engineers, respecting them and pushing them to deliver the best. They also carry that reputation into the Okanagan Region. Some of my best experiences working in the building industry have been with Okanagan Dream Builders. I highly recommend them as a builder. "
    Sid Molenaar, President, Integrity Services Inc.
    "I have found Trent to have a very calm personality with extensive knowledge of finishing techniques along with proper construction procedure skills. Trent has built many projects prior to working with us. I found him to be very good at always laying out the right pathway to do our work, so that the final finished product was of the highest of standards. Trent has gone above and beyond on the projects that he worked on for me, always leaving the client feeling great that he was on their site. He always left the job with my clients feeling totally satisfied, with the relationship being his foremost concern. Trent never complained when he had to repaint a wall or a ceiling because of another sub-trades mistake. He just quietly persevered until it was done right to our clients' highest standards. His wife Debra was always organized and on time. She was excellent at getting a fair price from the sub-trades and she always delivered accurate detailed paperwork to back up the billings that I received. She is a classy lady that clearly models honesty and integrity. I have never felt anything but confidence and truth from both of them, and I am proud to say that the relationship has developed into a deep friendship. Without hesitation, I recommend Trent and Debra & their team, to any of their prospective clients, or any of my future projects."
    Paul Nesbitt, Nesbitt Originals Ltd.
    "Selecting a general contractor is daunting. You want someone who has the ability to listen, has the imagination to see what can be, and the skills to complete the project to the highest possible standards. Trent and Debra Tinkler of Okanagan Dream Builders have all those attributes and more. It's all in the details and it shows. They have highly skilled trades people, keep a neat and orderly job site, stay on schedule and the results... stunning."
    Kathleen Hamel, Interior Designer, Kathleen Hamel Interiors
    ""I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in a project with Trent & Debra and the entire Okanagan Dream Builders team for the past 3 years, and as someone that works directly within the design/build industry, I can honestly say their dedication to a higher standard of quality craftsmanship and gold-standard customer service is second to none. It’s rare in our world to find a company that delivers with such excellence, and yet remains down to earth, super genuine and approachable throughout the entire process. I’ve experienced first-hand how they navigate complicated and detailed aspects of building large-scale new homes and renovations; without a doubt they’re one of the best Builders I’ve ever worked with. ~ Urban Theory Design""
    Crispin Butterfield, Owner, Urban Theory Design
    "We would like to thank Okanagan Dream Builders for the fine job they did for us with the relocation of the Black Mountain Sales Centre located at the Black Mountain Golf Community. Although the project timeline was strict, Okanagan Dream Builders and their knowledgeable teams of trades' people responded quickly. The company exceeded our expectations by completing the project early with the highest of standards. We highly recommend Okanagan Dream Builders, to any future clients interesed in acquiring their services. They continue to maintain an excellent business relationship with our company."
    Tobi McNeil, Melcor Developments Ltd.
    "As a commercial photographer who's shot hundreds of homes for many clients over the years, I always notice the strong relationship that Trent and Deb seem to have with their home owners. They are very detailed and the jobs are always immaculate. It's like they treat their client's homes as their own. Great work you two."
    Dean Cebuliak, Photographer, Digital Dean Photography
    "Great Company to work with, will always have a question if they don't know the answer. Time lines are great to work with. Always have a drawing and a game plan. End results are always top notch"
    Rob Farr, Owner, Starwatch AV
    "I did the lighting design for a few projects with them. They were great to deal with and are very professional in their work."
    Mike Bentien, Owner, Designing by Light
    "We have supplied and installed granite and quartz countertops in several high end homes in the Okanagan for Okanagan Dream Builders. We value each opportunity to work with Okanagan Dream Builders and look forward to a long term relationship in the future."
    Gerry Ferh, Owner, Stone Quest
    "We worked with Okanagan Dream Builders on the design and construction of our new home. They were exceptionally skilled in their attention to detail, knowledge and conducted themselves professionally. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their work to anyone building or renovating a home. Through this process we saw numerous jobs they had completed (renovations, new builds) and were very impressed each time with their level of excellence. "
    Jason Bartch, Client
    "I had the pleasure of collaborating with Debra and Trent from Okanagan Dream Builders on a beautiful new home in Down Town Kelowna, they are a team of true professionals in every sense of the word. If you are looking for an Excellent builder who will see your home thru to end with exactly as you have envisioned, then look no further Okanagan Dream Builders. Always a pleasure to work with... Regards, Lisa and Vince Hunter Tailored Living of Kelowna"
    Lisa and Vince Hunter, Colleague, Tailored Living of Kelowna
    "Okanagan Dream Builders and myself have worked together on a number of jobs over the past few years and I have found Trent and his team to be very thorough and meticulous on each job being done. They were always prepared for us and their job sites were always clean, which in my trade makes a big difference. Todd Ashton - Ashton's Concrete Ltd."
    Todd Ashton, Colleague, Ashton's Concrete Ltd.
    "I was brought in to do window coverings on a project that Okanagan Dream Builders was executing. The house was completely taken apart and the outdoors given an extensive overhaul. The project lasted over 6 months and in that time the homeowners went on a 3 month vacation. The level of trust that was given to Trent and Debra was impressive as they were incorporating avante garde designs throughout the home. Green marble, turquoise tile, high gloss wood and stacked glass walls were pulled together to create an architectural masterpiece. What impressed me the most was the level of service they gave to their clients. When many homeowners are frustrated by the end of their project Trent and Debra came out with a lasting friendship! Michelle Henseleit The Well Dressed Window"
    Michelle Henseleit, Colleague, The Well Dressed Window
    "I have had the pleasure of working closely with Okanagan Dream Builders in photographing one of their award winning projects. Their eye for detail, the innovative ideas and design plus the top level quality was evident in every angle that we photographed. They are a pleasure to work with and the communication was always clear."
    Andrew Lipsett, Photographer, Lipsett Photography Group
    "I have worked with Trent and Debra on several projects and I have always made sure I could fit their projects in because they truly are a well run ,organized company who goes out of their way not only to make the client happy but also to make sure all trades are up to date on scheduling no matter the circumstance .A truly awesome job site to roll up on ,on every job . Keep up the great work guys!! "
    Dale Lirette, Owner/Operator, Integrity Painting
    "We have worked with Trent and Debra on several projects over the last couple years. We found them to be very professional and knowledgeable. Debra has a keen eye for design and is a pleasure to work with. Their quality is top notch and second to none. We wouldn't hesitate to work with them again in the future."
    Eric Voth, Owner/Operator, The Voth Cabinet Gallery